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Welcome to Project Management Academy

Project Management Academy (PMA) was initiated as a subsidiary in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia to focus in the area of project management consulting & training.

PMA is an associate company of Bridgit Sdn Bhd. It has been in Indonesia since 2005. PMA is a global Registered Education Provider (REP) of PMI (Project Management Institute) Inc. which conducts regular public training programs and in-house training in Indonesia, ASEAN and other ASIAN countries.

Our services include Consulting, Outsourcing, Maturity Assessments, Training and Coaching. Our training incorporates a lot of practical techniques, exercises, group discussions, games and simulations. Our courses are based on PMI®s framework and best practices of the various industry workers. We are the only project management training provider throughout Southeast Asia that provides project management training with simulation models (the practice of project management). Simulation training classes are becoming our corporate participants’ preference at the present time.

Many corporate companies regardless of medium scale enterprises or large corporations, have used our services since 2005.They are from a wide range of business fields namely Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Contracting, Manufacture, IT, Mining, Finance, Bank, Education, Government, NGO, etc.

Project Management Academy (PMA) provides a wide spectrum of end-to-end Strategic & tactical services and solutions to fulfill various gaps in project management needs in various industries.


People Development

Our courses have been designed and delivered by practitioners who have wide experiences in various different industries. The trainings are holistic as we take into account not only the technical part (science) of project management but also the humanistic part (art) of project management.


For successful and consistent deliveries, quality and professionalism is required. Bridgit assists in process improvements aligned with international standards like PMI®. Process development and workflow automation is what we do.


Being on top of the progress of a project is important so we can be alerted early of any delays or over-budget issues. Dashboards and project collaboration tools makes it easier to be alerted, especially for reporting.


Organisational strategies are implemented through portfolios, programme and projects. Alignment and governance is the force that drives the attainment of organisational level goals and realisation of these strategies and this can be attained by constructing a Programme Management Office (PMO).